Product Portfolio


U2opia Service Delivery Platform is a carrier grade cloud based solution that helps OPCO manage and monetize its VAS Universe. It’s a bridge between OPCO and VAS Partners.
  • Technical & Business experts on-board to run the show
  • Identifies revenue potential services
  • Extensive content Aggregation
  • Quick & easy to start new services
  • Advanced Technologies for device & content optimization


SIM-Push conversion rate is up to 10%! SIM-Push efficiency is higher owing to easy one-click connection Platform features.
  • Mailing Schedule
  • Managing Links
  • Universal Applet
  • Targeting
  • Relevance

Telco Fraud Management

Bring in operational transparency into Telco Operations as a remedy to curb fraud in of DCB VAS Operations.
  • Active Detection & Blocking of Suspicious Transactions
  • System Completely Flexible and the Throttling Control Rests with the Telco
  • Unique 3 Fence Fraud Detection – Combining Probabilistic & Deterministic Barriers
  • Highly Secure Dynamic Image to Replace HTML Boxes
  • Risk Scoring for Every


U2opia in partnership with MIC Global delivers tech-enabled insurance through B2B relationships that today is creating revenue and delivering millions of policies.
  • Technology – Specialised digital insurance company focused on underwriting simple products combined with a frictionless customer journey.
  • Product Development – Support small ticket / short duration products with own white label IT system. High volume policy’s and claims management.
  • Partnership for Growth – Seeking strategic partnerships, focused on creating value for partners
    through innovative/ digital underwriting solutions

Device Lock

Drive Smartphone Affordability. ML driven engagement models & digitized collection processes, ensure payments are not missed, sets a habit and influences ‘Intention to Pay. Debt Collections OS for High Risk Lending.
  • Drives Collection Efficiencies
  • Reduces Delinquency & NPAs

Cloud as a Service

A complete cloud as a service solution to address technology, business enablement and customer experience needs of regional, domestic and edge cloud service providers.
  • Self-service, white label cloud to deliver a stellar customer and brand experience
  • Integrated technology solution stack optimised for service providers
  • Support operations and business enablement delivered as managed service

Ad Reward Solution

The first time & attention platform for the Telco Industry in the world!
  • Creates a significant amount of new monetizable inventory
  • Flexible – works with your existing infrastructure and ad exchange
  • Rewards users for their time & attention – increasing customer engagement and loyalty
  • Users choice – the solution can be switched on & off at any time