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Powering ChatGPT without internet access

Aster Army – eSports Franchise
Begin Again – unTindered dating

Mojo Gaming – Competitive casual gaming, Fantasy sports and eSports tournament platform for Telecom

Mr Phone  –  Omni channel digital technology publication

Flow – Manage your mobile data, see which apps are consuming the most.

Databuddy – Mobile data rewards for simple tasks on the app

Fanmojo: Daily Fantasy League App – Cricket and Football

Aadhaar Verification – USSD based Aadhaar verification in India

Fonepass – Sponsored data solution for Telco’s and Brands

Fonetwish Platform – USSD platform open to 3rd party developers

Woo – India’s first dating app

Election: Know your Neta on USSD – Check your local representatives before the voting

FoneVerify: Ping Call – Make a toll free call to authenticate your number – No OTP needed

Headlines app – An app with Facebook feed that removed the clutter and ads

Facebook on USSD – Browse Facebook without internet access

Twitter on USSD  – Access tweets offline

What we do

Accelerating global internet growth.

U2opia Mobile is a Singapore-India based innovator in mobile technology and applications. We have a diversified portfolio of consumer and enterprise products in more than 70 countries. The company has verticals across Telecom, Digital Marketing, Gaming, Fantasy Sports, Dating and Media.



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