Businesses hoping to achieve success with advertising need to balance three things at the same time: revenue maximization, user experience, and operational efficiency. We believe in the importance of balancing all three components, and so we created InsurAds. It is designed to set businesses up for success by enabling them to maximize revenue across different demand sources, protect user experience, and operate with both control and efficiency.

InsurAds is a Time and Attention Control and Monetization platform that can be plugged into any Ad Server (Eg. GAM) to extend and give much more capabilities to it.  Once the Plugin is integrated with an AdServer, it’ll provide Attention Time Depth to every ad unit and campaign. You’ll get the most of every Single Second of Attention generated by the User, all controlled by AI on our Cloud Servers. 

Since the first day, we can generate more viewable inventory with a guarantee of quality, which will lead to an increase in the overall viewability rate of the inventory and also the CTR's and other KPI's.