Making mobile data

with sponsored data


Fonepass transforms the mobile phone into a flexible and powerful tool that increases engagement by exciting customers to use data and rewards loyal users with instant access to free content or data. Fonepass is smart platform that supports full or partial data sponsoring where publishers, carriers and advertisers can subsidize and sponsor the consumer data cost. It helps address one of the biggest challenges of graduating non-data pack users and reduces the barrier to entry to mobile data and provides telecom operators and brands the power to engage segmented users.


For a customer:

Fonepass delivers the prospect to use more content and services that they want without having to worry about data costs.

For content providers:

It is the untapped potential to enjoy increased customer traffic, sales and advertising, while they acquire new customers and boost brand awareness.

For the operators:

It enables them to provide a greater degree of choice to their customers, develop new business models and take control of the mobile value chain.